B_sides Vol. 01

by Unifier

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The first installment in what will hopefully be a long, large, and ongoing collection of remixed and mastered B_sides and pre-production demos.

Written and recorded in and after 2011 at Freeman Productions Studio.
Remixed by Aslan Freeman at various points along the way.
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation.



released February 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Unifier North Carolina

There are two sides to songwriting: feel good songs that captivate the mind, and songs that push the boundaries of a genre. The challenge is to make both sides happy with a catchy song that still moves a genre forward. Unifier’s debut album Colorado (produced by Jesse Cannon: The Cure, Saves The Day) has succeeded, fusing the pop-rock of Jimmy Eat World with the genre-pushing of Brand New. ... more

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Track Name: 22
Hey, hey, tell him I’m coming in
Uncover all the frames that stretch apart the skin
And blame it on the lack of medicine
Prey pray, body becoming bread
To satisfy the angels circling your head
And vultures hovering above your bed

Well those constants make me sick
Now lay your armor down

What did you see?
What did you find?
Welcoming arms and open eyes
By your bed, to the side
We arrive
Coming around
Kneeling again
Bathing the child you keep hidden
In your bed, by your side
Every night

Hey, hey, just drift those miles
I swear I’ll still be a wreck
With every inch I watch you step
Pain, pain, read-only files
Won’t let me fix your speech
Or change your appetite
But I tried

Those constants calm my head
Now lay your armor down
Track Name: Divisions
Barely prying your attention
A treated lack of pride
Stalled, but hardly upset
Never mind
Retreated with a halted step
Defeated by your door
I haven’t found it hard just yet
But you were so unsure
Keeping my covering

You wanna wait for everybody here to reset
The right time and the tension is coming back
But no faith could’ve kept up your disguise
Can anybody divide my thoughts and attention?
I’ll settle it inside

Shake the rust from your intentions
And watch the way they glide
Stalled, but keeping honest
I’ll be fine
We should’ve had a name for it
We should’ve kept a score
I’m betting on a best friend’s tip
And walking like I’m pure
Keeping my covering

Just quit leaving it too quick
I move to your last position
Each time it never seems to stick
And I miss you with every division
Cute touch, acting like a kid
But you don’t need my permission
I watched all your lives get hid
Unborn from my indecision
Track Name: Openside
Too much of a good thing
Could kill you in your sleep
But your dreams still show
I guess it’s not that easy
If my part was changing
You could’ve let me know
But your point got lost
So I headed home

Mend my open side
No holes tonight
Take my hand and lead me for a while
Beyond your wings and mine
There’s hope we’ll fly
There’s open sky

My mouth’s never empty
My body’s never bare
And though my bones don’t show
I think I’ll disappear
We may act the same
But it’s not my style
To take take back the change
Let’s erase that smile

When I say that it’s obvious it’s an invitation
But you fail to comprehend the situation
When I say that you should be here, it’s an invitation
Cause I’m seeing it so clearly, and I meant it
Track Name: You Never Know
I’m seeing who you are
Still believing the moon follows your car
But it will end too soon love
With every chance of waking up
My God, make it rot
I’m not good enough
My loss, shake that thought control
Chasing dawn, never broke
Naked sun, but always smoke covering

Did you even know
You’re walking through the air
Wearing your scars
Think you’re a martyr, but you’re scared
The teeth didn’t show
The mark that wasn’t there
Know who you are
It only gets harder to repair

We saw the glowing eyes
Waiting up just to watch your first flight
Don’t let them in too soon
When you leave, I can see the tension move
My God, make it loud
My loss, built this doubt
Clinging on, keep it in, cover it

Founder, sower, bring us to the sun again
Track Name: New Year
Fighting the tension
To quit burning my home
Like it was all in a vision
Pushed up to block the sun
It sinks into the ground
A soft glow on the coast
Another New Year delivered
Giving us the space to grow

Curses on your bleeding bones
I never thought it would be me alone

Brave again
I’m outside of it
I admit, I’m coming down
And I feel it harder
Every time I hit
I admit, I’m running
Caving in
Keeping me awake again
I can’t hide where we are

My mind free to the air
You were a sight to behold
Breathing, believing in moments
I’ve caught in traps before