B_sides Vol. 02

by Unifier

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The second installment in what will hopefully be a long, large, and ongoing collection of remixed and mastered B_sides and pre-production demos.


released July 15, 2014

Written and recorded in and after 2011 at Freeman Productions Studio.
Remixed by Aslan Freeman at various points along the way.
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation.




all rights reserved


Unifier North Carolina

There are two sides to songwriting: feel good songs that captivate the mind, and songs that push the boundaries of a genre. The challenge is to make both sides happy with a catchy song that still moves a genre forward. Unifier’s debut album Colorado (produced by Jesse Cannon: The Cure, Saves The Day) has succeeded, fusing the pop-rock of Jimmy Eat World with the genre-pushing of Brand New. ... more

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Track Name: Big City, Weak Nights
Deer in the headlights
This place isn’t yours to know
But I wasn’t sleeping
And you were alone
Big city weeknights
Never had much to show
With your bad decisions
And my empty home

Brave enough to stare
Proud enough to smile
Low and unaware like a child

Desperate to give it away
Cycling the words they say
I'm not gonna get in the way
You are your enemy

Done with the future
The plans I was thinking of
Nobody’s sleeping
And no one’s in love
Throwing my head back
Pushing myself above
Laughing at nothing
Like what you’ve become

Afraid enough to care
Shy enough to smile
Entirely unprepared, you’re a child

Brave but unprepared
Shy but in denial
Entirely unaware you’re a child

I see you, Gloria
Track Name: 1984
We’re all spared a few times
For nothing greater than another later compromise
But you’re flawed devotion in my eyes
Stop naming states’ rights
Separated thoughts that draw upon our foolish pride
Misspelled evolution
Not a call, just a crime

My sovereign nation
Debt and indecision
Everybody knows about it
Stuck between stations
With my heart in her hands
She will not understand
I’ve kept it sealed
Like dead beneath the city
Bound with every broken habit
Desperate to feel
You are not in command
With your life in your hands

When our names are street signs
Will we be turning on each other or just passing by?
Minds as houses
All the doors that divide
Face and name
Should never change
Shaped the same
As the man before
You always tried
But we know what’s inside

Every move, every thought, I can see
So slowly // slowly
Nothing knows me
My body // body
Drifts in between
Track Name: Sunlight
I’ve never seen your face in sunlight
If I did, I’d resist, for now
Wives don’t see
What’s caught hold of me
Fashions and speech betray your mind

Ah ah ah ah
Is it the place I’ve come to fear?
Ah ah ah ah
I couldn’t stay for another year
Ah ah ah ah
Would it kill you to let it go?
Ah ah ah ah

I’ve always had a lust for night life
Halloweens, let’s get tricked, go back inside
Eyes don’t see
What’s built along these streets
Hide all your demons, it’s fine, it’s fine

Ah ah ah ah
Though it’s the place you’ve come to fear
Ah ah ah ah
I would’ve killed for another year
Ah ah ah ah
Made it easy to let you go
Ah ah ah ah
Cut me off, I don’t want to know
Track Name: Simple. Sick.
On the wall
Where you grow
No one smiles
But I know
It’s a call
Can’t be alone
For too much time
Yea I know, I know

Force it til it fits
I can tell you’re pissed
It gets old, yea I know
It’s as simple as it gets
And it makes me sick
Cause it shows, and I know

Hide the drawl
Kill it slow
Or just don’t speak
Cause they’ll know
That after all
We’re only
As good as we’re told
When that lie holds, lie low
Lie low, I’m sold, I’m sold
Track Name: 36
I need a witness they can trust
Your pretty ignorance is killing us
First taste of blood
But we get stuck in neighborhoods
First taste of blood
Never gets carried out like it could

Hey look who’s on the television now
They let you think you make decisions
Speaking right and teaching me to believe
Hey listen to your own admissions right?
Pay up, they really need commission
Take me back in time

Push past that feeling in my skin
Aging on 'til I bury it
Underground together
We will live forever
Push past that feeling in my skin
Ages gone when you bury it
Underground together
We can live forever
Push faster, peeling off my skin
Aging on 'til I bury it
Underground together
We will live forever

Don’t feed that confidence too much
Only the loneliness will keep you up
First taste of blood
Getting us caught up in the rush
First taste of blood
But it gets lost inside your blush