by Unifier

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released February 12, 2013

Written and performed by Unifier.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation.
Additional engineering by Mike Oettinger.
Additional production by Aslan Freeman.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.



all rights reserved


Unifier North Carolina

There are two sides to songwriting: feel good songs that captivate the mind, and songs that push the boundaries of a genre. The challenge is to make both sides happy with a catchy song that still moves a genre forward. Unifier’s debut album Colorado (produced by Jesse Cannon: The Cure, Saves The Day) has succeeded, fusing the pop-rock of Jimmy Eat World with the genre-pushing of Brand New. ... more

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Track Name: Crush
I’m not prey
To be tamed
You’re not gonna run me down
And lock your jaws around me
You’re just bait

We’re not kids
I know how you fall in love with imitation
Forcing every situation
Waiting for your line

You caught a bitter sign of weakness
Even now, healing fast
I am crushed beneath this

I went numb
Have I won?
When every smile is laced
With drinks and wasted time
Would you run?

Too bright to see
Your light in front of me
Just wishing I was blind

Blessed by what you bought
Learn from what you’ve taught
Take your confident display
And throw your doubt away
Track Name: Traps
Alive, alive
To make promises
That I deny
When my motive fits it

As soon as I start to feel
I’ll stop buying bottles and take the wheel
I’m not asking for much
Just a place to sleep
And hands to clutch

All we have to say
Is say you will
When our time comes
My traps are laid
Now play your guilt
Don’t, don’t call it a comeback

Arrive, arrive
Lord am I gonna fit in?
Don’t act surprised
When no one will listen, yea, yea

I’m not asking for trust
Just a way to shake my rust

We have to stay
So say you will
When our time comes
My traps are laid
So I’ll wait
Track Name: Parasite Lost
Tell me are you tired yet,
Of breeding with the ignorant?
I thought you knew
Are you content
With barely making any sense?
So much for proof
So much for truth
I test my weight to move you

A quiet mouth
And breathing hands
No witnesses
To marry to your plans
The bitter South
The fertile land
No monuments
Unburied in the sand
If I was your newest host
I’d carry you straight to the coast
Walk right in
The water’s fine
Your weaknesses
Are gonna make you mine

Was it worth revival then,
To lead us through another hymn?
That we both knew
Never brings it back again
The feeling that we started with
If it gets you through
Then make it true

Remember we said,
Remember we said,
Remember we never left?
Track Name: Bitter? Better.
First cuts, last dates
Loose ends, drink late
Four shots to “The Sound of Settling”
Hometown’s never hurt this much to me
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
You’re not leaving it
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
You’re all snared in its net

Two months and the air was never colder
Where were we living?
I’ve made my peace with all my sins
I’m not coming home for you
I’m not coming back ‘til it gets bitter
Now you get better

Made up, third base
Loose friends, think straight
Four shots and “The Sound of Settling”
More lost than your worthless memories
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Say I’m arrogant
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
You’re a disappointment

Four shots to “The Sound of Settling”
Hometown’s always felt like a disease
Four shots and “The Sound of Settling”
More deaths of my friends than enemies

Best friends, best nights
Best friends, best lies
Track Name: Colorado
Taking your time
To dig it up
And come back to life
Get back in line
You’ll be alright
We were alright

Catch fire
Are you listening
Is anybody still learning how?
Against our
Main reaction
I can’t tire
Of the feeling
That something should be happening now
Not inspired
But it’s alright
Yea it’s alright

Freeze it off
Can you think at all?

The work’s on the way
But I see it in you
I keep making mistakes
I hope I’ll be better soon
If my lungs decay
When my throat is through
I’ll still sing for you
I’ll heal things for you

Breathing alone
Everything’s closer
The cut of the cleanest air
In an old coat
With the oldest ghost
I left my heart there
I caught fire
I was listening
I swear that I’m still hearing you now
Been taught by
My reactions
Track Name: Halos
Test me
I don’t need to sleep
Soon I’ll start to breathe
Soon I’ll part the sea, like you

Old enough I knew
Still too young to choose
Hoping you would move, too soon

Halos have gone
So high only my heart’s moving faster
Half gone
I’ll try not to take what you’ve been after
It’s done
When I steal my brother’s laughter
Halos, halos

New queen
Don’t bother, we’re burning everything
That doesn’t sink
Her father says he’s onto me
Watching his limbs fall off the tree
Bright green
Still too clean

Halos have gone
So high only my heart’s moving faster
Half gone
I’m not really one worth chasing after
It’s done
When I steal your daughter’s laughter
Halos, halos

First made to quit
But I’m seeing clearly
The shape of it, shape of it
Not meant to be
Track Name: Single Room
Cling to your faults
Cling to the ones you hate the most
Cling to the one who wants to let you go
(Face it, they let you go)
Cause I’ll be watching it pull through
Always obvious I knew, did you?

Sever your mind from me
You are the one that makes
The same mistakes
And laughs because we try

Cover your loss
Cover when you miss the ones you love
Cover the sickness you wear like a glove
(Face it, it’s in your blood)
You’re still new in my head, pull through
Such a lonely fit, I grew, would you?
Track Name: Shame
If I could ever change your mind
Would you unwind the tape and take my side
We’d be young for a while
I feel like we should speak again
When I say you’re missed it’s not pretend
Are you lost or disguised?

Don’t try to separate
Nights you love from things you can’t change
I ask the old refrain
Is this the right one?
Is this the right one?
Burn through those ropes
That keep you closed
Come back and take me home
Is this the right one?
Is this the right one?

Look at what your hands have made
From the edges of a room I watched you change
Unaware I remain
I thought I had explained it all
That you’d work up the nerve to take my call
I’m aware I was wrong

If I could ever change your mind
I’d cripple it with shame and rob you blind
No tricks, just lies

You don’t glow
I’m not gonna cling like smoke to your clothes
You won’t know
If it’s the right one
Is this the right one?
Track Name: Shadows
The discipline
Would pull me under
Just to capture my active mind

Trust your hold and lift
The passion to your lips
The cup, the cold
The silences
Until they’re torn
And over worn
Then you cut
Cut, cut it

The discipline
Will pull you under
An attraction you can’t deny

How am I supposed to face this?
Your shadow
Covers me like a cast

I can hardly call you an actress
Your freedom
Built inside the web you spun
Even you forget what you’re faking

How am I supposed to face this?
Your shadow
Covers me like a cast
I don’t want to seem graceless
I just want it so bad I can taste it
Would you shed your light, your skin
To keep your station?
Track Name: Lifted
The other side
Of every line is fine
It’s just division
The summer tide
Brings this back to mind
But I hid it

Tethered again
O2 hose
Is this what brings us closer?
Your blood in my bones
Leathery skin
Shredded notes
And the bed that brings you closer
Grow up, go home

Don’t touch his chest
He can’t be reinvented
With the pictures from before
‘Cause in a quiet town
They steal without a sound
And take your breathing
And get this ended

It’s a curse
I want to see you lifted first

I had pretended
To be, to be
Tethered again
Feeling close
Mourning like I meant it
For once, could it show?
Track Name: Mission Control
‘Til you’ve learned the way to grow
Stay inside the world you know
I watched you take an early start
Against where the body’s aiming
Build yourself a better heart
And board yourself another ark
Wait another month
I could’ve caught you up
We could’ve been the same kid

Better that I wait to learn
My faults in every situation
Figured I could talk to you the clearest in my head, singin’

I could’ve had another name
And called it just an imitation
Thinking there was two of me when it’s too soon to say

Que sera
Give what you’ve
Made to god
Disguising your decisions
As lack of inhibitions
On contact
Feel it come back

Never early and it shows
You’re the brightest light that never glowed
Wait my life out making marks on the walls
But you can barely see them

Naked on the first night
I thought I was missing sight
But I was missing light
Never having your eyes
Or your short time
To rest them
To test them
I know what we’ll be is a question
But hardly one I’ve been answering for your life
Wanting to keep it quiet
One learned to fight
And it’s not your first time
Changing a name right?

Que sera
Give what you’ve
Made to god
Disguising your decisions
As lack of inhibitions
You think I wasn’t listenin’
But this is not my mission is it?
Stay inside
Don’t ever
Say you tried
Disguising your decisions
As lack of inhibitions
On contact
Feel it come back
Track Name: #41
Teach us your ways
Reaching for longer days
I haven’t changed
In a while
You can’t wash this out
With chemicals
Only with time

Do you still believe
There’s a part of you in me?
That I haven’t seen
You hid at home for weeks
Can we go back tonight
If it feels alright?
Still young and dizzy, dizzy

Cities in a haze
Work on through lightless days
Separate and strange
Do you smile?
Push it through your mouth
Like chemicals
My hands are tied

Get up, get up
And start getting out
You’re always too proud
Get up, get up
It starts over now