B_sides Vol. 03

by Unifier

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The third installment in what will hopefully be a long, large, and ongoing collection of remixed and mastered B_sides and pre-production demos.


released November 4, 2014

Written and recorded in and after 2011 at Freeman Productions Studio.
Remixed by Aslan Freeman at various points along the way.
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation.



all rights reserved


Unifier North Carolina

There are two sides to songwriting: feel good songs that captivate the mind, and songs that push the boundaries of a genre. The challenge is to make both sides happy with a catchy song that still moves a genre forward. Unifier’s debut album Colorado (produced by Jesse Cannon: The Cure, Saves The Day) has succeeded, fusing the pop-rock of Jimmy Eat World with the genre-pushing of Brand New. ... more

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Track Name: Archers Fade
What will we teach the little ones
About our right to bury them?
End up back where we came from
Is that your destination?
A little light to lead us on
You ought to fight when sorrow comes
I know you lack but keep it strong
Be your own battalion

Don’t make this hard
I’ll love you still when it’s scarred
Yea, you’re not a burden yet
So don’t make this hard
We knew it wouldn’t get far
Yea, it’s not a burden yet

I used to notice when you’d leave
The little marks from where you teethe
You weren’t cold enough to keep
In my summer’s first heat
It’s not a lack of sympathy
It’s a total disconnect
You could provide the things I need
But you salt the earth instead
Track Name: 53
Things get bad
Then they get better
Til it happens again
Are you mad
That I’m so clever
Locking you in
Like the trash
Like a treasure
Don’t call me a friend

Don’t go go on with it
And don’t call me a friend
Go, Go get get on with it
Make what you intend
What you invent

Things look bad
Is it the weather?
Dragging you in
First the act
Then we’re tethered
Don’t call me a friend

I didn’t come for myself
I came for you
The arguments
I need them too
She might look back
Which makes it rough
But I came alone
And I’m not enough
Times I’ve knelt
And times I grew
Are not the same
You’re different too

The arguments
Stop making sense
When means are ends

Things get bad
But it gets better
Til it happens again
Take your drag
Write your letter
Put the cap on the pen
Stops the flow
Fights the pleasure
Biting the skin
Back and forth
One last effort
One last effort
Track Name: Fugue State
It’s useless
Then again I knew this
I never liked the sun
It’s not a way to hide someone

It’s useless
Then again I knew this
How bout you fight for once
Go on and make it right for once
Abuse that crutch
Don’t think so much
It’s not for everyone to notice

Half my job
Half my home
Half the pile of things I own
Another consciousness
I wasn’t meant for it

With your hands behind your back
Are you scared to be alone?
Can you bear to let it grow?
And If the opposite attacks // when the opposites attract
Will you build another throne
Or claim it as your own? // or hide the things you own?

Just clueless
Then again I knew this
You never bite your tongue
Go on, who made you fight so young?
Why keep your peace
You won’t find sleep
I waited up all night for nothing

Have my life
Have my name
Have my laughter and my blame
Whatever conscience fits
You weren’t meant for it
Track Name: American Boys
American boys
Love American girls
American stars
Shine only for us and not the world
On American nights
The American way
I swear it’s not fear
It’s a need to separate

School haze
Long days
Tiny tobacco towns
Wearing their high school crowns
Cool kiss
New wish
Maybe we’ll stick around
Maybe we won’t get found

Put back your bags and stay

Night fires
Bad liars
Forget the friends you made
Hate what you can’t change
Cool crush
Quick blush
Maybe the feeling fades
Maybe we all escape

Can I pull myself away?
Track Name: Tremors 2001
Better than deconstruction
Better than burning homes
Shedding a light on where I’ve been
Never where I want to go

Building a new solution
Building a broken bone
I still lead a generation
Made of teeth and empty holes

I left it dry
(We got it)
Dressing to fly
(we got it now)
Throwing it wide
We got it now, now

With each trial, a crowd to share my sins
Beneath miles, the dirt becomes my skin, so start again
With each trial, a shroud to scare my friends (crown to rule my friends?)
When denial is cause to wear my grin, again, again

Brother why don’t you function?
Brother why don’t you sing?
Bedding the life out of my kin
I’ve been stealing everything

Born to reuse
Let seeds reform you
My limbs grown new
Like trees in my suit
Made it back from other shores
But my body’s not as whole as yours
Less temple, more fort